Change – how do you make sure you don’t stop? – Jean MacAskill

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Finding My Voice

My TEDx Talk came amid my most significant life change and challenge to-date. However, this all stayed behind the scenes out of respect for those involved and to protect their privacy. Still, I chose to continue with the plan to deliver at TEDx Glasgow as it was a vital way for me to find my own voice and have some control. In fact, it became a very therapeutic process for me, thanks to the support of two incredible coaches – Clare English and Pauline Houston. For me, it was an extreme exercise in vulnerability, which has proved to be so very empowering for me along the way – nothing but gratitude for the opportunity.

Talk Overview

When it comes to change – getting started and taking those first steps can be the hardest thing to do. In my experience, I found sustaining change was, in fact, much harder than starting. Thirteen years of fresh starts built a pretty strong starting muscle. What I really needed was a sustaining muscle! Only when I had a total rethink of my beliefs on change, success and failure did I have a breakthrough moment.

In my talk, I will take you through my journey of fear, discomfort, joy, setbacks and occasional minor victories. Instead of continually starting – I had found a “get back up and keep going” approach had completely changed not only my health and well-being but also how I tackle life challenges with a new-found sense of resilience.

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