Keeping Your Batteries Charged

Keeping your batteries charged
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Wanting to make sure I made the most of my staycation time off work, I went looking for some helpful articles to read. When you’re trying to make an overhaul of your habits, this in itself can feel a lot like another full-time job. So, when this article popped up in my Chopra newsletter (btw they often do free courses in meditation that I would recommend), it felt like an ideal starting point.

At the heart of this article is a focus on energy, which is what jumped out to me, as it’s the one thing I’ve been battling to manage for what seems FOREVER. I definitely do not feel as alone on the energy deficit front these days. If I reflect on the conversations I’ve had with friends and family throughout the pandemic, the subject of energy (or lack of it) comes up every time, and I promise it’s not because I’m bringing it up!

How do we protect our energy then?

It’s never just one thing which brings your energy levels down over time – and that’s when it can get very challenging. Where to start? There have been times in recent years when I’ve been puzzling over what’s exhausting me. My analogy of this is when your phone battery suddenly doesn’t last as long as it typically does, and you subsequently discover you’ve got an app open in the background draining the power. So similarly in real life, it’s finding out which “app” is taking your energy!

What’s particularly helpful with this article is that it breaks down all the potential areas for an energy boost, I’d recommend starting with one and building up over time. Sleep is a great place to start – I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had their sleep patterns disturbed somewhat over recent months. Everything, in my experience, feels a little easier if you’ve had a decent night’s sleep.

Good luck with your jumpstart – and it would be wonderful if you could share what works well for you.

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